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Round 8
Doly Mesa from Hialeah/Miami

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What part of Miami (South Florida) are you from?
I am from Hialeah/Miami

Describe yourself in five words.
Kinky, Funky, Confident, hard-working, open-minded

What’s the one thing you think everyone who visits Miami must do or see?
Everybody must go visit, see and enjoy the beach

What outfit in your closet best describes your personal style?
My Sportswear

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My phone

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Pee on I 95

If you could spend the night out in Miami with any celebrity who would it be and why?
Rihanna because she is my #1 idol

What social issue is most important to you?
The most important social issue to me is Immigration

What and how would you contribute to the city of Miami?
As a woman I stand for all woman kind and I can contribute my leadership skills.

What makes Miami girls different from all other girls?
We have our own spice, differentpersonalities and of course we make our own rules to have the upper hand.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about Miami and why?
I would change the justice system because it’s too slow and not fair. It seems as if it’s corrupted.

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