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Round 5
Stephanie Saint-Come from Kendall

About Stephanie

First & Last name: Stephanie Saint-Come

Nickname: Steph

Age: 21 What part of South Florida are you from? Kendall.

Describe yourself in five words.
Exotic, Sensitive, Assertive, Creative, Random.

What’s the one thing anybody should do when they come to Miami?
If you come to Miami you have to visit Wynwood. South beach is a given, but if you’re visiting Miami you are most likely staying on the beach. I would urge that you go out to Wynwood and check out the Art Galleries, and studios. You can even do some shopping there and go out at night. It’s a beautiful part of Miami that is blossoming beautifully.

What outfit in your closet best describes your personal style?
It just depends on what I’m feeling that day. If I’m feeling Bohemian you’ll see me rocking a feather in my hair with a printed flowing sheer top and carrying my brown leather book bag. If I’m feeling 80’s I’ll slip on my high waisted jeans with a crop T-shirt and converse. And there are days where I feel like a cowgirl, a rock star, or an Indian. The one consistent thing is, I feel sexiest in pumps and a skin tight dress on a night out dancing.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Flat Iron.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I belly flopped the high dive at school. I was going to dive but I freaked out last minute and that was the end of me. My belly was all red and I couldn't talk or breathe for a minute there. Never again.

If you could spend the night out with any celebrity who would it be and why?
I always thought a night out with Azealia Banks would be pretty insane. We’d take the night and own it. She’s just a wild child and mad creative. I could learn a lot from her. Yeah she’s raunchy but doesn’t care what anybody thinks and I love that.

What and how would you contribute to the city of Miami?
With the budget cuts a lot of the music and art programs are being cut. I would definitely like to contribute a solution to save the arts in our schools. There is so much talent here. I think we need more artists coming out of Miami. I would definitely expose it and make that happen.

What social issue is most important to you?
It saddens me to see people devalue themselves everyday because they constantly compare themselves to straight noses, hair, and lighter skin. I would say the social issue of self hate within the Black community especially among Black women.

What makes Miami girls different from all other girls?
Miami girls are really laid back when it comes to going to out. We know the party doesn’t stop till late so we’re never in a rush. We make the party happen and we know it.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about Miami and why?
I would change the common separation between the ethnic groups in Miami. We celebrate our diversity, but diversity is nothing without unity. In school and in the workplace we are together but I do notice MOST people cling to people that speak the same language as them or get their humor (which is completely understandable), but when we all come together it’s a beautiful thing.

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