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Round 6
Kathleena O'Connell from Coral Gables

About Kathleena

Nickname: Leena

Age: 24

What part of Miami (South Florida) are you from?

Coral Gables

Describe yourself in five words.

Classy, Sassy, Sexy, Flashy, Genuine

What’s the one thing you think everyone who visits Miami must do or see?

Experience the nightlife and the beach.

What outfit in your closet best describes your personal style?

Sexy shirt, shorts, and heels.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Chocolate!*!*! I will drive to the store in the morning before I make breakfast to buy chocolate so I can eat it while I am cooking.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Move to Miami!!!*!*!*!*!

If you could spend the night out in Miami with any celebrity who would it be and why?

Ne-Yo! I admire his talents; he’s an amazing dancer and his music is filled with soul along addicting beats and instrumentals.

What social issue is most important to you?

Violence! Any kind of violence is ugly, wicked, and completely uncalled for. I abhor domestic violence, shootings, bullying, rape, ect.

What and how would you contribute to the city of Miami?

Invent a taxi agency where all taxi drivers must be sent to NYC for training before they are eligible to operate a cab in Miami.

What makes Miami girls different from all other girls?

We are completely sexy, mysterious, adventurous, and house music junkies!

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about Miami and why?

Miami being a big popular city needs to be more festive and compassionate about the holidays as like the other bigger cities such as DC, NYC, and Chicago that celebrate really know how to celebrate. Miami knows how to celebrate every night of the week, but we should really put more of an emphasis for the holidays. The holidays are a special time of year and Miami can make it a little cozier for the holidays with more decorations, festive music, special performances, costumes and more!

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