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Round 3
Jessica Obregon from South Miami

About Jessica

Nickname: Jessi-O

Age: 27 years old

What part of Miami (South Florida) are you from?
I am currently living in South Miami but my hometown is Hialeah.

Describe yourself in five words.
Ambitious, driven, passionate, outgoing and fearless!

What’s the one thing you think everyone who visits Miami must do or see?
If you come to Miami you must go to South Beach! That's the spot where you can enjoy not only our wonderful beach but also experience the multi-cultural ambiance and Miami flavor!

What outfit in your closet best describes your personal style?
I have so many because I dress very differently depending on my mood and occasion of course but if I had to choose just one outfit it would be my big camouflage baggy pants with my hot pink bathing suit top that zips up in the middle and my nude stilettos. I would of course add accessories like a jacket and a hat to complete my all time favorite look which I describe as Sexy-Exotic-Boyish-Glam!

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
I can't live without MUSIC! I must dance to it, sing, rap, write and jam to it at all times, everyday all day! I love music! It can change my mood no matter the situation. I believe music has really been my outlet, my therapy and my salvation.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
The craziest thing I've ever done is back-flipped into a pool and cut open my left eye brow resulting in 11 stitches! Not fun at all I tell ya! lol!

If you could spend the night out in Miami with any celebrity who would it be and why?
If I could meet any celebrity in the world it would have been Michael Jackson because to me he was the epitome of a real artist, a trendsetter, a creator, and an inspiration to the world. However, since he is gone, I would also love to meet Justin Timberlake. I think he is amazing at everything he does. He is an all around great vocalist, dancer, songwriter, musician, and actor. I admire him!

What social issue is most important to you?
A social issue that's important to me is that of public safety because now even children have been murdered at schools. That's a very scary thought! I definitely think gun control should be implemented and safety precautions should be taken at all costs.

What and how would you contribute to the city of Miami?
I have always wanted to have a voice because with a voice comes power and with power comes money and with money I could bring CHANGE. I would contribute to the city of Miami by telling my story. I strongly believe many young girls would gain from it if not be saved by it. I want to share my secret that forever changed me, and because of it I hope to make a difference in this lifetime. How? I would write a book and call it something like In Shame I Fear. I would then like to go to different schools, colleges, parks, studios, anywhere and everywhere and do motivational speaking to victims that have suffered the same if not a similar experience. Be their voice, and their comfort that anything is possible.

What makes Miami girls different from other girls?
We Miami girls are different from all other girls because we live in a city of enchantment that is multi-cultural and exudes expression in every corner with fashion, music, art and dance. Dullness doesn't exist here! Therefore, we tend to be very lively, expressive and sassy!!!

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about Miami and why?
The only thing I wish I could change about Miami is how the people here are very superficial. I wish people would care more about the important things rather than the price tag.

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